Areastream works with clients to create storytelling and branded content projects. We love technology and we play with video, words and images to bring effective ideas to life.

For years, Areastream has been creating storytelling and branded contents for its clients. We love technology. We juggle with videos, words and images to carry out effective and cutting-edge ideas.

Our factory is young and sui generis: founded in May 2013.


The Areastream team is composed of bright young people who work closely together by exchanging ideas, experiences and advice. Each one brings in a specific expertise, ranging from the digital to the audiovisual/broadcasting world. There are those who have always worked on social networks, those who have studied storytelling and others who love film production.


Our Factory cultivates a spirit of continuous and zealous coworking that consents us to achieve the highest qualitative results.

The Internet has allowed us to create a new environment, a new life. We always tell our clients that communicating on the web is totally different from communicating on other media. It entails different laws and logic: something that may not work on television may be efficient on the web. It is an on-going transformation which would not have the same impact without technology.


Cinema is constantly evolving. The time will come when, thanks to the evolution of television, everyone will be able to create their stories.

– François Truffaut, 1987


To us, the challenge is to tell intriguing, moving and compelling stories through a specific and stylistic language.

Our mission is to create stories that shape our customers’ branded content; to tell their brand story; to captivate the target audience by communicating about a product’s quality; to lighten the relationship between the customer and the company in order to foster trust between sellers and buyers.

Now the protagonist is the story and its own world. The brand reveals itself, reaches the spectator and conquers him.



  • Video Production

    Video Production

    art direction
    short film
    video events

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  • Branded Content

    Branded Content

    digital strategy
    social media
    web content
    newsletter/mail marketing

  • Technology


    augmented reality
    360° video
    video mapping
    3D hologram
    virtual reality
    web development

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