Amazon – Florence – Made in Italy

Amazon takes you at the heart of Made in Italy


For the international launch of a new marketplace devoted to handcrafted products made in Italy, Amazon Italia turned to us to create 2 commercial spots that illustrate the wonders and atmosphere of our country. The Florence spot is born from the collaboration between Amazon, the City of Florence and the Florentine craftsmen who have decided to initiate an e-commerce activity via Amazon.


We first developed an evocative storytelling featuring an Anglo-Saxon tourist who strolls through the streets of Florence and stops by some small shops to admire a jewel, some ceramics and frames. Fascinated by these objects, she is very much decided to buy them, although some of them are too bulky to carry. In fact, we see her in her hotel, later that day, in the evening, purchasing those items online from the Amazon website and having them shipped directly to her home address.




In a second phase, we created a storyboard to show the client the shots and sequences to be filmed alternately inside the small shops and outdoors. As the client approved the cinematographic slant we had opted for, we started looking for the actress, the outfit and the various collaborators. In parallel, we wrote the script in Italian that was then translated into English, German and Japanese. The intent was to reach the heart of many people, maintaining a global perspective, meanwhile the image of Florence had to evoke Italy in its whole and everything about Made in Italy.


We shot in Florence during 2 days with a crew of 9 people and, thanks to the support of the Municipality, we found the most suitable venues for this production: the places we discovered emanated that typical atmosphere, rich of Italian delights much loved by the tourists. The most compelling location was where we shot the final scene: the terrace of a beautiful hotel offering a panoramic view of Florence.




We also worked meticulously on the postproduction, adding some motion graphics effects to explain how to place an order on Amazon using a tablet. We recreated and animated a fake Facebook conversation during which the tourist tells a friend about her trip to Florence and about the possibility to buy Florentine handmade items directly from Amazon.

Video production | 2015


  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Photography Director
  • Benjamin Maier
  • DOP Assistant
  • Andrea Cassina
  • Set Designer
  • Francesca Romano
  • Make Up Artist
  • Caterina Zurlo
  • Stylist
  • Francesca Romano
  • Post Producer
  • Roberto Minotti
  • Cast
  • Anna Sala