Amazon – Monte Rosa in our heart

Amazon counts unique people among its customers.


Amazon contacts us in October 2015 and asks us to tell a story that illustrates their ability to deliver goods in rural areas, in those remote places often thought as inaccessible even for the postman.


We start to work on the project and decide to contact Michele Cucchi, a renowned Alpine guide whom we know to be an Amazon customer. Along with her companion Silvia and his brother’s family, he lives in the shadow of Monte Rosa. There, they give us the opportunity to interview them. Their story is really inspiring and brings out a unique spirit of life.




We immediately understand that this can be a special video, a kind of short film shot in a location of extraordinary charm that echoes the value of an uncommon lifestyle.


Together with the European PR Manager of the project, we leave for Alagna for 2 days of non-stop shooting. We meet with Michele in a beautiful lodging house where he shares some of his lifetime experiences, such as his ascent of K2 or some special operations when he was working for the army.


The outlook gets interesting.

We head to the Bed and Breakfast where we will be staying, which happens to be Michele and Silvia’s home. As we walk by the few streets of the village, we are caught by the silence that surrounds us; we are undoubtedly in an uninhabited place. The next morning, we shoot Michele who accompanies his little daughter, Nina, to the school bus, and we film other family life scenes.




We use a specific set of lights for each scene: for the atrium or home kitchen, the bar or the bakery, the house of Peter and Elena, the mountain lodge where Michele makes a purchase on Amazon.

On the second day, we wake up before dawn to film Michele setting off on a trail, while in the morning semi-darkness, the first rays of light unfold on Monte Rosa.




During those 2 hours of shooting outside by -7°C, we capture fantastic shots from above using a drone flying through the woods — the true “gem” of this production.

The video “Monte Rosa in our heartis part of the Amazon’s stories project featured on homepage.

Video production | 2015


  • Director
  • Monte Rosa in our heart
  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Photography Director
  • Roberto Minotti
  • DOP Assistant
  • Andrea Cassina
  • Drone Pilot
  • Simone Pulejo
  • Post Producer
  • Roberto Minotti
  • Electritian
  • Emanuele Gruttad’auria