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AmikAj Advertising – Spot Bermé

Right into the heart of wellbeing


The Bermé commercial spot was part of an ADV campaign managed by the agency AmikAj for the launch of the new Dolimiti Fruits juice. The agency turned to us to produce a spot with 3 scripts of different length.


We met with the creative director Antonio Lodi: the spot had to communicate about flavors and sensations, describing the making of the juice and its journey from the production sites – the Ionian coast of Reggio Calabria and Trentino – to the moment it is consumed, “right into the heart of wellbeing” as the payoff says.


Made of apple and bergamot, a sequence of scenes tells about this tasty alliance by showing details of the two fruits placed in their natural habitat. In that sense, the scene of a mountain farm in Trentino – for the apple – alternates with that of a Mediterranean farmhouse – for the bergamot from Calabria.




Once the mission was agreed upon, we first searched for solutions to shoot in Trentino and in Calabria in a short time, taking into account all the available means and resources. But in the end, we decided that the best option was to shoot everything in studio by recreating the sceneries.


Based on the script developed by the agency, we prepared a storyboard through which we defined the main scenes, the actors and background actors’ profile, but above all how the apple and the bergamot could be both the protagonists of the Bermé fruit juice.

Meanwhile, we started scouting and casted dozens of actors and background actors that seemed to fit the role. The actress we chose embodied those characteristics of naturalness and well-being, matching the product’s attributes.




During the shooting day, we recreated all the environments with few, but significant, props and with a photography studied ad hoc. We produced the commercial spot in 7″ and 15″ formats. The different scripts of the campaign correspond to the main occasions during which we drink juices: breakfast, lunch and aperitif.

Video production | 2015


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Executive Producer
  • Roberto Minotti
  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Photography Director
  • Edoardo Bolli
  • Set Designer
  • Francesca Romano
  • Costumes
  • Francesca Romano
  • Make Up Artist
  • Martina Manzo
  • Cast
  • Laura Locatelli