Swim Your Best

Swimming is a true journey of exertion and satisfaction, connected to water and to its pure vital energy.


In September 2015, Arena asks us to work on the storytelling of an exclusive project about Italian swimming. Arena Swim Your Best is an idea born from the synergy between the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) and Arena Italia.


The project focuses on six young Italian athletes – three boys and three girls, between thirteen and nineteen years old, who have been selected by two FIN coaches according to their category ranking. The athletes are mentored by two instructors who watch over their emotional well-being; two coaches who happen to be Italian swimming champions: Massimiliano Rosolino and Gregorio Paltrinieri.


The narrative must be elaborated around the three main stages punctuating an athlete’s talent and achievement: the recruitment, the path and the prize. Those three steps need to be documented using the language of the swimming world as well as a lively and engaging tone. Both a personal and technical angle is also necessary since swimming is a sport for everyone, yet followed by a specific target audience: aspiring champions, athletes and their parents.


The project is absolutely intriguing and exciting.

We are thrilled and decide to demonstrate our utmost creativity in reporting and telling the story of the six protagonists. Each one with his own character and swimming style; each one deserving attention and interest.


Once we get the project instructions, we explore the digital operating details. Arena asks us to compile the story of the six characters in a content hub gathering and displaying photographs, videos and texts. Every content must recount the protagonists’ journey and talk about the brand, which supports the selected young athletes by supplying them with swimming suits and sports equipment for competitions and training sessions.


The hub is not an end in itself. It must be linked to a Facebook page, to a video playlist dedicated to the athlete and to the Instagram profile of Arena Italia. All in a perfectly coherent way.


We start off the work: we draw up a draft for the website, then we create a flowchart, sketch a cohesive graphic design for the website and social networks, and we gather more information about the six protagonists, coaches and instructors.


From the website to the page and first videos to buzz about, everything needs to be ready for the beginning of December. In fact, mid-December, in Riccione, the six athletes will be publicly proclaimed as participants of the Arena Swim Your Best 2016 edition. This means that the athletes’ season starts in mid-December and that they will be followed and watched across all digital channels until July 2016.




We create the hashtag #ASYB2016, begin to follow the athletes during competitions and training sessions, with cameras and social networks. The adventure begins; it’s a fantastic dive into the world of swimming signed by Arena Italia.

Branded content | 2015/2016


  • Creative Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Content Manager
  • Marianna Di Palo
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Paolo Del Monte
  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Gaia Pellicanò
  • Cameraman
  • Roberto Minotti
  • Emanuele Gruttad’auria
  • Claudio Colombo
  • Post Producer
  • Catia Tramacere
  • Editor
  • Letizia Marzona
  • Web Design
  • Lorenzo Castelli