Bayer – Super Mike

Super Mike: we have a problem


In July 2014, Bayer consults us on an innovative project aiming at promoting the brand to a young target audience, between the age of 18 and 35. We brainstorm and develop some first ideas that revolve around the production of a web series. Among our proposals, there is the character of Super Mike, a funny and technology-oriented super hero.




We involve three professional scenarists who write the script of the web series as well as the characters’ profile and their personality traits (Super Mike, Princi, Professor Kaspar and Super Valdo).

The Bayer team, with whom we work on the scripts and topics to address, really likes the first five stories. From there, we write a total of 12 episodes of 5 minutes each to be produced in the following months with professional actors.

In parallel, we kick off a communications activity – entirely managed by our internal team – starting with a Facebook test phase early December 2014.

We organize a 2-day casting call during which about a hundred people show up. We preselect 15 actors among which we’ll choose the protagonists. The cast will be completed by the end of January.

In February, all 12 episodes are completed and, after the client’s approval, we start working with the actors to prepare the shooting.




SuperMike is a truly original web series, also in terms of stage setting.

The scenographer, with whom we collaborated, designed the Super Mike set from scratch by imagining an operating center combining an ultra-modern and a retro technological style. Two genres that mirror the personality traits of the two protagonists, Princi and Super Mike.

Each character of the web series represents a world of its own through his clothes, in such a way that there is no common stylistic coherence among the characters’ costumes: Super Valdo’s attire recalls that of Indiana Jones, while Super Mike’s outfit is a classic superhero uniform; Professor Kaspar is dressed in a dark suit as in Matrix, and Princi, who has precise tastes, wears different but always very chic dresses and hairstyles.




The decor is set-up in a location of the Lombardia Film Commission and the shooting is organized over 6 days using cinematographic techniques. During those days, about fifteen people are at work on the set, including technicians, hairdressers, stylists and our social team.

We film the opening sequence inside the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, thus having access to some of its most famous spaces like the vintage trains area and the submarine Toti.




Early March, we launch a mini site ( that gathers all the different contents: the episodes, the description of the Bayer project, collaborations with partners and special contents. Both the development of the website and the related social strategy (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) are managed by our editorial staff until the end of June 2016.

The first two episodes reach a lot of views and social comments are all positive.

Video production | 2014/2015


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Screenwriter
  • Riccardo Mauri
  • Andrea Zullato
  • Paolo Braga
  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Photography Director
  • Roberto Minotti
  • DOP Assistant
  • Andrea Cassina
  • Production Assistant
  • Cecilia Barbieri
  • Set Designer
  • Ilaria Ariemme
  • Costumes
  • Ilaria Ariemme
  • Make Up Artist
  • Francesca Toffetti
  • Hair Stylist
  • Tagliati per il Successo
  • Post Producer
  • Roberto Minotti Videodesign
  • Cast
  • Andrea Panigatti
  • Cecilia Elda Campani
  • Giovanni Longhin