Hi!Comunicazione – Spot Starbene

Family special effects


The “Starbene” commercial spot is the result of a collaboration with the agency Hi! Comunicazione. Initially, three spots characterized by different trailers were scheduled according to the weekly release in December and early January.

Beauty, health, nutrition were the key concepts that the customer wanted to communicate about: “what matters when you’re with your family, it’s to feel good”.




Based on the agency creative work, we’ve developed a first storyboard featuring a mum, a dad and their son gathered in a living room. The mum is reading the “Star Bene” publication until her husband takes it from her hands, and subsequently the boy from his dad’s. At each passing, from hand to hand, an object symbolizing the three main topics (beauty, health, nutrition) appears. Even the dog “steals” the magazine from the boy’s hands.

It took us 2 days to find the family that would best embody the values that Starbene wanted to convey. A family composed of a couple in their 40s – so that people could easily identify themselves to – a young boy and a dog to make the atmosphere all credible.




Working with children is always an interesting challenge because, even if they are natural actors, they do not possess the technique the adults have. This means that to capture a genuine smile from them, you need to be inventive and find some tricks that go beyond the technique.

Chateaux d’Ax provided us with the location and the props at their studios in Brianza. We were thus able to suggest various possibilities and styles of furniture conveying the idea of a modern and cozy home.

The visual look was chosen according to the references shared with the agency and carefully taken care of by the director and the director of photography from the first to the last “action!”




The 5” trailer, which is an integral part of the spot, promotes the launch of a new weekly magazine that includes a special gadget.

We’ve produced a total of 8 versions of the spot that went ON AIR on the main national TV channels in December 2014, January, May and December 2015.

Video production | 2014/2015


  • Creative Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Photography Director
  • Benjamin Maier
  • DOP Assistant
  • Andrea Cassina
  • Set Designer
  • Silvia Pio
  • Make Up Artist
  • Martina Manzo
  • Stylist
  • Camilla Sossi
  • Post Producer
  • Roberto Minotti