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At the end of 2015, IBSA Derma decided to step into the world of Aesthetic Medicine by using scientific terminologies and solely addressing an audience of doctors, specialists and plastic surgeons. Subsequently, the company decided to engage with the final consumer through another type of dialogue.


To that end, IBSA Derma turned to us asking for a strategical advice on how to reach its target audience.

Given our digital experience, we suggested the creation of a blog offering articles that could intrigue, inform and coincide with a patient’s interest, while allowing to gain a better insight about a topic. IBSA welcomed the proposal and confided us the project. Together we chose the style, the tone of voice, the contents and the name 4me.style. We also built editorial guidelines and put up an editorial team consisting of enthusiastic doctors, experts and journalists eager to take part in this initiative.


The target of reference is a woman aged between 20 and 65, educated and knowledgeable, with an interest in innovation, though men or other female audiences are not excluded.



Online since March 8th, 2016, 4me.style is a pioneering undertaking in the pharmaceuticals industry. None so far has ever thought of making such a compelling and specific project in the digital field.


We managed to directly reach the final target audience through social media: 4me.style is on Facebook, has a YouTube channel as well as a Twitter account. The Hub’s contents are published daily on social networks, creating engagement and serving as a sounding board at an extremely reasonable price.


The categories featured on 4me.style are: New topic where one can find news about innovations and scientific discoveries; Food style dedicated to food, particularly to its properties; Beauty 3.0 which talks about aesthetics and dermatology, further exploring topics that matter to the target audience, such as Aesthetic Medicine and Hyaluronic Acid; Medicine 4me where pathologies and medical discoveries are discussed; and finally Psyche, devoted to psychology. All articles are illustrated with a photo and, when additional explanations or clarifications are necessary, with a video made by our editorial staff.


The website has been designed by our partner nevergiveapp, with whom we have developed the 4me.style layout.

4me.style aims at talking to women about scientific, technological and innovative contents in a reliable and clear manner.

Branded content | 2016


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  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Content Manager
  • Manuela Sicuro
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Paolo Del Monte
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  • Nicole Bezzi
  • Creative Producer
  • Manuela Sicuro
  • Cameraman
  • Roberto Minotti
  • Emanuele Gruttad’auria
  • Catia Tramacere
  • Post Producer
  • Emanuele Colognese
  • Technical Officer
  • Alessandro Marone