Non ho dubbi

A project that challenges the rules of storytelling

Narrating about clinical research simply and understandably, clarifying doubts and debunking false myths. The format I HAVE DO DOUBTS comes from right here!

The project was born in late January 2019 from a meeting with the Bayer scientific team, following bidding with three other video agencies. The challenge given to Areastream is to devise a format that is capable of explaining, to the patient, how new drugs are created and, above all, how the patient testing process takes place. The goal is to address people with pathologies and their families, creating a narrative path that describes in a transparent, linear and simple way, a complex concept such as that of pharmaceutical experimentation.

The spread of investigative TV programs and negative viral videos has meant that, over time, research on the development of new drugs is seen by common thinking as a purely economic path, where the pharmaceutical company exploits the patient using it as a laboratory guinea pig. Bayer’s purpose is precise to clarify these hot topics, exposing fake news and outlining the path that leads from the development of the medicine in the laboratory to the final tests on patients with a certain pathology. At the heart this is the conscious choice of the patient who decides to participate in the experimentation with the hope being healed, but also to contribute to the healing of other people suffering from the same pathology.

The development of the project and the creation of storytelling

The study of the I HAVE NO DOUBTS format was born in tandem with the Bayer scientific committee. Together we started from the question: what happens when a patient becomes a research partner and decides to test a drug?

To answer this question, we went into the study of the legislation in force in Italy, the WHO (World Health Organization) protocols and the various test processes in which the patient is followed and monitored by a team of doctors.

From this first phase of the study, the creative storytelling project was born in February 2019. Communication is entrusted to the figure of a single testimonial who, starting from his profession, tells how experimentation is a sign of civilization and hope for oneself. This second step led us to the choice of the name “I have no doubts”. For us, these short words embodied a series of key concepts from an ethical, formal and human point of view: I have no doubts about the effectiveness of experimental research in the pharmaceutical field; I have no doubts about the existence of certain clear and transparent protocols that legislate patient research; I have no doubts that I can return to a normal life starting from my pathologies.


The most demanding storytelling work was precisely to translate technical terms into a language that was as narrative as possible. The script was based on three founding pillars: informing, documenting and communicating. After several drafts, we arrived at the final version which became the canvas for the three videos of the format.

The creation of the YouTube channel I HAVE NO DOUBTS and the adv campaigns

The videos produced for the I HAVE NO DOUBTS format have been designed to be broadcast on a dedicated YouTube channel and were put online at the start June 2019. We studied the logo, created and set up the YouTube profile, and planned two ADV digital campaigns aimed at two different targets: subjects with sick family members and patients aged from 50 to 70.

The choice of the narrative testimonial

I HAVE NO DOUBTS was born with the idea of having a single narrative subject. By setting aside the idea of using a famous testimonial, it was decided to entrust the face of I HAVE NO DOUBTS to a person in every-day life, who carries out the type of professionalism inherent in the communication. After a short casting, it was decided to entrust the task to Mario Alberto Catarozzo, a lawyer and professional coach: the perfect combination to reach an uninformed public directly on issues that also present technical and legal problems.


Filming with our partner BIGMOTION

The three videos of the format were shot in a single shooting day at the studios of our partner Bigmotion in Cologno Monzese (Milan).

For the filming, we chose to use an Arri Alexa camera mounted on a trolley, with a reconstructed photograph in the studio, in natural light, to obtain the most neutral effect possible.

The minimal setting was a grey background, chosen to focus attention on the narrative subject and, above all, allowing for the possibility of inserting videos with animations created in After Effects. The insertion of videographies has made it possible to summarize and strengthen the story of the testimonial towards the end-user. To make the communication as natural as possible, we asked Mario to adapt the script by improvising, to simulate his coaching sessions.

The great treasure that Areastream has gained by participating in this project has been the opportunity to demonstrate that the concept of Narrative Capital is not to be relegated to commercial marketing, since it is also effective for informative and educational purposes that can really make a difference for family members and patients involved in pharmaceutical research.

Video production


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Creative Producer
  • Marzia Trovato
  • DOP Assistant
  • Roberto Chierici
  • Post FX
  • Ivana Capello
  • Testimonial
  • Mario Alberto Catarozzo
  • Make Up Artist
  • Sara De Giorgi
  • Video Digital Strategist
  • Angela De Vinceziis
  • Client
  • Bayer