Nordkapp Adventures

On the occasion of a business meeting in June 2016, we are introduced to Maurizio Desio, an entrepreneur and absolute travel addict. He shares with us his passions and his dream of undertaking, in winter, a motorcycle road trip in one of Europe’s coldest places. As the conversation flows, we strike on the idea for a new story to tell: an adventure across the frozen roads of Norway up to North Cape.


As we thoroughly research on the subject, we find out that senior people aged 60 to 70 are those who travel the most. This new finding helps us fine-tune the concept of our next venture: a motorcycle road trip to North Cape, in the middle of winter, with four senior drivers over 60. Nordkapp Adventures “Over 60 no limits” was born.


We present the format to several television networks, but it is Marcopolo TV  that shows immediate enthusiasm and offers to broadcast it.


Based on Maurizio Desio’s familiarity with some of the localities he had once visited, our editorial office begins an exhaustive research on the region’s peculiarities, from the Viking ship museum to Santa Claus.


In parallel, we start looking for suitable partners for this adventure. Cattolica Assicurazioni, Drivegum and Radio Italia Anni ’60, in particular, are impressed by the novelty of the TV format and decide to support the production.


Now all we have to do is find the protagonists.

We issue a press release on Facebook and Radio Italia Anni ’60 that invites all travel and motorcycle lovers over 60 to apply. We receive nearly a hundred replies.


After several interviews and a day of casting, we select the four participants: Corrado, Riccardo, Bruno and Leonardo will travel the frozen roads of Norway on their Tricity motorcycles.

Among the hundred applicants, we also pick a technical team to assist and shadow the participants in case need be: a mechanic, an electrician, a nurse and an expert in radio communications.


Given the adventurous nature of the trip, we prefer to shoot with two crews experienced in extreme working conditions such as strong winds and temperatures down to -24 degrees.


Marco De Domenico is the one designated to conduct the episodes and to be the voice of this journey full of emotions and humanity.


January 31: our day of departure has finally arrived. We take off from Monza and, after crossing all of Europe, we reach Oslo on February 1st. Straightaway, we get ready for the trip to North Cape by mounting the snow tires on the motorbikes and on the campers, and by making the last technical adjustments.

We stay in Oslo for two more days and then leave for our ultimate destination.


Despite the presence of a technical staff and of an experienced coach, Nordkapp Adventures turned out to be, right from the start, a true exploit on icy roads. There’s been of course some unexpected events, like serious clutch problems on one of the campers, just after leaving Oslo, due to a sudden hard braking and a collision with a big truck that had cut off the road.


But road accidents didn’t discourage anyone: in spite of the ten thousand kilometers of frozen roads to travel, with temperatures only just about bearable, the Nordkapp Adventures’ heroes have reached their much sought-after destination.


Video production | 2018


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Creative Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Creative Producer
  • Francesca Malinverno
  • Shooting
  • Franco Valtellina
  • Davide Arieni
  • Production Assistant
  • Davide Prestigiacomo
  • Drone Pilot
  • Franco Valtellina
  • Post Producer
  • Emanuele Colognese
  • Camera
  • Canon C300
  • Sony
  • Go Pro 4K
  • Drone Phantom 4k
  • Production House
  • Areastream