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2016 is about to end but ideas keep flowing: we would like to get the opportunity to make a 360° video. The occasion arises unexpectedly while discussing with the team of Open Pubblicità. Matteo Locatelli, the creative director, tells us that he’s been asked to elaborate a communication project for Purina. The objective is to showcase a new canine product in points of sales, creating a user experience around the product itself. He wants new ideas. Here is our chance.


We meet to explain him what it’s like to see a 360° video, to immerse yourself in a virtual reality through different types of headsets – using either static ones or those demanding more physical and visual interaction. The potential of this technology is enormous when it comes to employing gaming solutions to support sales purposes. Locatelli loves the idea and Purina finds it very appealing too. We can get started.

We imagine the scenes with the help of a storyboard. The product to be launched is Dentalife, an innovative dental treat for dogs. Here we are again with our animal friends, the real protagonists: Lola, Oliver and Radja.




To show in the video how those chew sticks are used, we also need the right location, and what better place than a park, on a beautiful spring day? Anyone who has a dog knows that every puppy is happier when outside, whether it’s for a walk or to play with frisbee or balls.

The shooting area cannot be too vast since the Samsung Gear camera has a connection range of 10 meters max. Plus, it must have trees so we can hide behind. The area must also give the impression that we are immersed in nature, far from the city paved roads, cars or houses. We look at various areas and sites around Milan, and choose the Forlanini Park for its ideal characteristics: a bit wild but also a bit circumscribed.




The shooting day was exhilarating but also filled with a little tension. The most complicated part was to place correctly the characters – the 3 dogs with their owners – knowing that the most suitable distance to get the best shots would be between 5 and 10 meters maximum. We had to make numerous attempts to make sure the dogs wouldn’t bump into the camera when moving or running. In addition, everyone from the crew had to hide behind the trees since the Samsung Gear camera captures everything 360°.


A true innovative and cutting-edge communication project that takes advantage of technology. The immersive experience is very strong and revolutionary thanks to the use of the Samsung Gear VR headset, which allows the viewers to move freely in the video and thus change the virtual reality around them. This new technique utilizes a lens on which a Samsung cell phone, supporting 360° video formats, is placed.


Thanks to this equipment, you can experience being in a park, watching three dogs playing with their owners and chewing the Dentalife treat.

A unique initiative that has been successful during the four weeks it has been promoted in June 2017, in many Italian cities. Nearly 140 shopping malls have joined the campaign, offering an incredible experience of virtual reality to all those who were passing by.

Video production | 2017


  • Creative Director
  • Matteo Locatelli
  • Account
  • Carlo Piras
  • Photography Director
  • Samuele Vacchi
  • Post Producer
  • Ivana Cappello
  • Android Developer
  • Studio Base 2
  • Production House
  • Areastream
  • Agency
  • Open Pubblicità
  • Client
  • Purina