Spot Pernigotti

Creams, nougats and Easter eggs: three traditional Italian products narrated beyond the classic advertising concept

Pernigotti commercials are born from the precise marketing needs of the customer: to underline the strong bond of the brand with Italian tradition and to enhance the creation of high-quality products. We were therefore hired to design and create three TV spots dedicated to spreadable creams, nougats and Easter eggs.

From the start, our concept has focused on two cardinal points. The first is the ingredients: we want to enhance the company’s choice to produce without the use of palm oil, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and gluten; as well as the use of precious raw materials such as hazelnuts processed in an artisanal way, high percentage of pure chocolate and the exclusive use of natural flavours. The second main concept is the recipe: the products, strongly linked to the Italian culinary tradition, are made thanks to a modern reinterpretation of the original recipes of 1860.

Areastream’s choice was to give voice to these two brand strengths by leaving the classic advertising concepts and looking at the project with the aim of a creative video factory. For this reason, the script of the three spots was designed with a unique narrative thread, whose claim was “Gusto unico, Pernigotti”.


From script to mood board: the creative steps that gave life to food storytelling

The brand storytelling was developed starting from different narrative concepts, subsequently selected by the client. Later we created mood boards by imagining the characters of the protagonists of the Pernigotti world, and which settings were suitable for telling about three distinct but comparable products. Once the story was chosen, we created the storyboards and the scripts for the 15” spots.

To maintain a link between the different stories, we chose the same couple as protagonists: a boy and a girl. The different convivial situations in their life are also an opportunity to talk about Pernigotti products. The spreadable creams tell of the intimate dimension of a couple; nougats recall the concept of the family gathered for Christmas; the Easter egg is an opportunity for meeting with friends.


The definition of the setting, the choice of the scenography and the shooting days

Being three spots with different settings, we decided to shoot the videos individually in different studios and locations, chosen according to the needs of the script. The spot for the spreadable creams was shot in a cinematographic film studio where we reconstructed the scene of a couple’s romantic evening. The same process was tackled for the nougat spot where the scenography recreated a dining room decorated for Christmas holidays. For this spot, we played with props and stage costumes to recreate three different historical periods: past, present and future.


A different choice was made for the Easter egg spot where, in addition to creating a home environment, we decided to recreate the Pernigotti shop using a special location: a historic Milanese boutique.

Video production


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Account
  • Francesca Zambelli
  • Creative Producer
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Marzia Trovato
  • Photography Director
  • Roberto Minotti
  • D.O.P. Cinecamera Phantom
  • Roberto Chierici
  • FX Table Top
  • Giorgio Garetti
  • Set Designer
  • Francesca Romano
  • Make Up Artist
  • Sara De Giorgi
  • Post Producer
  • Ivana Capello
  • Cast
  • Areastream
  • Studios
  • Bigmotion