Tiscali – At home with Ugo

When we gather around a good meal, we find back joy and meaning to life


The love for home cooking and the passion for the digital world have led us to the idea of producing “A casa con Ugo” (“At home with Ugo”) – a web series based on the true stories of the protagonist Ugo Conti, who plays his own role. A young woman has been specifically chosen to play the part of his daughter Camilla. The latter, in her early 20s, is struggling with her first adult life problems as well as with the fact of living with her father who, although affectionate, remains a big dreamer.


As an epicurean chef and dad of Camilla, Ugo Conti gets busy with his daily family life obligations and his favorite hobbies: healthy traditional cuisine and good music.




We wrote 12 episodes.


The web series was produced in partnership with Tiscali and Veesible. This collaboration enabled the creation of a completely innovative format. The episodes were published on the portal tiscali.it and were accessible through an easily navigable landing page that allowed the viewers to watch simultaneously an episode and the recipe of the week.


Going beyond classical product placement, we gave visibility inside the web series to some customer brands in a narrative and dynamic way, such that the brands became the protagonists along with the actors – Soap Cooking. To that end, the script took into account the customers’ promotional needs among which Galbani, the Swiss tourism agency and Youwine.




The production proved to be challenging right from the start: the location where we were supposed to shoot the first episodes cancelled a week from the first “action!” Along with the director, we quickly looked for another solution. Chateau D’Ax came to our mind, as we occasionally manage their cinema, knowing that they had a set where we could recreate Ugo’s home.


From the beginning of November 2013, we shot every Monday until the end of January 2014. The topics of the episodes mostly reflected the season and time of the year: the first winter colds, Christmas season with the tree and the crib, holidays under the snow, going back to everyday life.


Besides Ugo and Camilla, some other characters appeared in the web series, giving a very lively and dynamic tone to the stories. There was Camilla’s best friend and confident, her boyfriend (with whom we created a pathos scene at “Via col Vento “), the awkward grandmother who is an actress, the neighbors, and finally Ugo’s friends from the music band with whom he was organizing his comeback.




Throughout the season, Tiscali scheduled daily link redirects from the home page to the “A casa con Ugo” section via a banner. Tiscali also developed engagement through the Facebook fan page which has collected over 100,000 “likes”.

The episodes were viewed by more than a million unique web users: an extraordinary achievement.

Video production | 2013/2014


  • Director
  • Riccardo Denaro
  • Screenwriter
  • Alessandro Brunello
  • Executive Producer
  • Giulia Reali
  • Account
  • Fulvio Locatelli
  • Shooting
  • Roberto Minotti, Max Pozzi, Andrea Cassina, Emanuele Gruttad’auria
  • Sound engineers
  • Luca Discenza, Diego Colombo, Francesco Molaro
  • Photography Director
  • Giuseppe Bilotti
  • Set Designer
  • Francesca Romano
  • Make Up Artist
  • Martina Manzo
  • Stylist
  • Francesca Romano
  • Cast
  • Ugo Conti, Ambra Usellini, Matteo Bonanni, Irina Lorandi, Miriam Giudice, Massimiliano Pegorini, Paolo Riva, Andrea Montalbano, Adriana Bagnoli, Gabriele Contiero, Emiliana Perina, Emilo Romeo, Antonio Gargiulo, Stefano Signorini, Diego Scaffidi, Flavio Scopaz
  • Camera
  • 3 videocamere Canon C300